End-to-end traceability of all alarms, calls and field actions

When companies are looking to fine-tune their alarm processes for peak performance, an effective strategy involves reviewing past events and the actions taken.

ALERT gives you complete traceability of all your alarms, calls and field actions. The solution keeps all applications under constant surveillance, while recording all events detected along with the notification calls and the corrective actions.

History and statistics for alarms and field actions

Each alarm processed by ALERT is recorded in a detailed log, along with such information as the date triggered, the activation time, the name of the operator who acknowledged the alarm and the response / action time.

Logging alarms and field actions can also help produce complete statistics.

For example, users can view the following statistics for an alarm, a group of alarms or all alarms over a given period (day, week or month):

• Number of faults during the period
• Total number of faults 
• Average fault duration 

Field action statistics can also be viewed for each operator over a given period (day, week or month):

• Number of field actions
• Average field action time
• Average response time

This leading-edge monitoring system can be leveraged to check call performance in real time and analyze previous call cycles at a later date.

SQL exports

To drive back the boundaries on alarm statistics and analytics, the history can automatically be exported to an external SQL database. The configuration and history tables are updated in the database in real time following each modification or alarm event.

This option brings a bundle of extra features, such as:

• Adding comments to alarms
• Creating alarm reports, which can include statistics
• Detailed history and real-time call monitoring 

Maintenance log

In addition to the alarm log and statistics, ALERT lets users enter reports when operations are part of the maintenance service.

Reports can be made in writing (local or remote) or verbally. They are automatically signed and timestamped, and attachments can be added to provide extra information (photos, videos, etc.).