Are you looking to harness a reliable and effective alarm management system and take proactive action if a fault strikes your facilities?

ALERT fulfils the needs of each service and department within the company

Depending on how the solution is used, ALERT adapts to the different issues facing its clients, thereby allowing them to achieve the specific goals for each department, especially objectives for: 


  • Manage alarms of the production line
  • React immediately after incidents and events
  • Minimize quality defects
  • Avoid production breakdowns


  • Treat technical alarms efficiently
  • Organize the maintenance staff’s schedules
  • Improve the effectiveness of the intervention teams
  • Control your sites remotely


  • Optimize procedures in order to improve profitability
  • Create mobile solutions to optimize productivity
  • Control production and facilities with one tool
  • Improve product quality and the staff’s peace of mind

ALERT - A gateway between industry and telecoms

ALERT collects alarms across your facilities before centralizing, processing and sending the alarms to the right people.

With its highly compatible design for retrieving data and sending notifications, the ALERT solution acts as a real gateway between industry and telecoms, while satisfying a high number of needs in several fields.

ALERT has carved a foothold in several different areas of application

ALERT is used in sectors of industry that have widely embraced automated systems, including the automotive industry, consumer goods production, building automation, water management, energy, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Bearing in mind that each sector of industry has its own specific needs, ALERT has been designed to adapt to every environment and its associated challenges.

Check out the benefits that ALERT can bring to your line of business.