Remote monitoring systems

Cascade your alarm information to a remote monitoring center

When it comes to fulfilling administrative requirements or simply outsourcing certain services and activities, remote monitoring companies are frequently required to manage alarms from a host of applications, including security and fire systems, across a wide range of industrial sites.

ALERT allows companies to send their alarms to remote monitoring companies using the protocols that have achieved benchmark status in this particular field.

All types of alarms centralized and forwarded to a remote monitoring center

Regardless of the source and type of alarm, whether fire, security or BMS systems, ALERT is the solution for centralizing and processing alarms with the aim of sending the right information to the remote monitoring center, where the right procedures can be actioned accordingly.

SIA, Contact ID and TRSII protocols

ALERT currently supports three protocols for communicating with remote monitoring centers:

  • SIA over IP
  • CONTACT ID over IP
  • TRSII for connecting to a remote monitoring center such as MONET
    (French brand) for transmission over an analog telephone line