Call Monitoring

Stop alarm notifications from slipping through the net

When an alarm is triggered, ALERT activates a scenario and cycles through a list of actions to address the alarm.

In most cases, such actions involve calling and notifying operators of the alarm, so that they can deliver a swift response.

After all the operators on the contact list have been identified in accordance with the company's on-call system, calls are made and tracked to make sure that the right people have received and seen the alarm message.

With its sophisticated call monitoring capabilities, ALERT ensures that the information requiring dissemination is consistently delivered and handled by at least one person.

Acknowledgement of calls and alarms

When operators are notified that ALERT has sent an alarm, they must confirm that they have received the message by acknowledging the call. Calls can be acknowledged using the same medium as the initial contact where practicable.

In case of one-way communication devices (e.g. pagers), operators can use the other means of communication configured in ALERT, including voice calls and SMS messages.

Once the alarm has been processed, it must also be acknowledged to show that it has been duly taken into account. The call procedure can then be closed. Users can acknowledge alarms on the ALERT workstation or remotely via the Web client, a thick client, by telephone, SMS or the AlertMobile smartphone app. Acknowledgements can be received directly from the actual data source.

Call termination control

It is vitally important to ensure that alarm notifications reach the operators, and ALERT does everything in its power to achieve this objective. In the call fails (busy line, no answer, etc.), it is automatically repeated according to the defined settings.

If users cannot be sure that the notification has been sent to the right recipient, a call acknowledgement is expected. If the acknowledgement is not received within a given timeframe, the call is repeated.

If the call failure is verified, the call is either made to the next number on the operator's contact list or to a relief operator.